MappingGM is a mapping portal, visualising spatial information on a series of maps.

This site was originally developed in 2014/15 to create a map of social and physical infrastructure across Greater Manchester, but has since expanded to focus on planning, housing, environmental, social, economic and demographic data. Currently, there are three maps hosted:


The Greater Manchester Open Data Infrastructure Map was the first map developed for MappingGM. The map is designed to provide developers and planners with infrastructure and housing related information across Greater Manchester on a single, easily accessible map.

The original idea was commissioned by the Greater Manchester LEP and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. New Economy sought funding for this on behalf of the GMCA through the Cabinet Office’s Release of Data Fund. After a strong bid, Salford City Council’s ICT Service was chosen to deliver the technical side of the project, due to their focus on using open data and open source technologies, with New Economy overseeing policy and strategy issues.

The first map was built and delivered in 5 months, drawing in data from both the public and the private sector to provide a general overview of physical, social and green infrastructure. Since then, the map has been expanded with further datasets on issues such as heritage, flooding, property prices and river quality.

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GMSF Call for Sites Map

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is a joint plan across Greater Manchester that will aim to ensure that we have the right land in the right places to deliver the homes and jobs we need up to 2035. It will be the overarching development plan within which Greater Manchester’s ten local planning authorities can identify more detailed sites for jobs and homes in their own area.

As part of this work, the ten local authorities need to understand both the future demand for employment and housing land, and the supply of development land available. To do this requires asking local residents, businesses and land owners and developers to identify sites they think could be suitable for housing or employment development. This helps to determine whether there are areas of land available for development that individual districts or Greater Manchester are not currently aware of.

The GMSF Call for Sites map was built in autumn 2015 to support the GMSF in engaging with the public and developers, and to help gather this information in a consistent format. The Call for Sites was opened in November 2015, running for over a year until its closure in February 2017. While the ability to submit further sites to the map has now closed, you can still view the map and the sites submitted.

The sites submitted to the Call for Sites are available to view on the map so people are aware of all the ideas and proposals. These sites, shown as default on the map, are promoted by owners/developers and have no endorsement as sites for future development by Greater Manchester and its constituent 10 districts. Decisions on whether sites will or will not be supported will be made as the GMSF is developed.

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GMSF Consultation 2016 Map

Following the development of the GMSF Call for Sites map, the GMSF team asked whether the site could also contribute towards the Consultation on the draft GMSF. The draft plan, released in October 2016, provides the opportunity to comment on the proposed spatial strategy and this will continue to be developed in the light of the consultation responses.

The draft GMSF describes in detail various policies and allocations of land across Greater Manchester for multiple uses. The GMSF team asked for MappingGM to provide a visualisation of the GMSF, to allow the public the opportunity to view and interact with the various policies spatially.

The Consultation map was therefore developed in autumn 2016 to coincide with the release of the draft GMSF Consultation. The map provides a view of the proposals contained within the draft GMSF and provides the public with links back through to the relevant proposals in the document.

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Future work

The team is working on developing further maps, looking at social, economic and demographic data, and looking at land and property ownership across Greater Manchester. If you would like to suggest a layer of data to include, please fill out one of our forms.

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