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About the map

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework development sites map:

  • Shows sites that have already been identified by the 10 Greater Manchester districts for built development.
  • Shows the sites submitted by local residents, businesses and land owners and developers to identify sites they think could be suitable for housing or employment development as part of the winter 2015/16 call for sites. These sites are coloured purple on the map.
  • Allows local residents, businesses and land owners and developers to identify sites they think could be suitable for housing or employment development to suggest additional sites for built development that have not already been identified by districts.

Sites already identified for built development

Sites that we consider will be developed between 2014 and 2035 for new housing, offices and industry and warehousing are shown on the map. Some of these sites already have planning permission for development, whilst those that do not have permission are considered to be compliant with the current planning policy frameworks that are currently in place across Greater Manchester.

Although we have identified development sites this does not imply that planning permission would necessarily be granted for development (where a sites does not already have permission). All planning applications will continue to be treated on their own merits. Furthermore our assessment was a snapshot as of 1 April 2014; inevitably there have been changes to some of the sites since then relating to the scale and form of development identified on them, when they will come forward etc.

Call for sites – Winter 2015/16 Sites

During winter 2015/16 we also asked local residents, businesses and land owners and developers to identify sites they think could be suitable for housing or employment development. This will help to determine whether there are areas of land available for development that individual districts or Greater Manchester are not currently aware of.

The sites submitted so far are available to view here so people are aware of all the ideas and proposals. These sites, shown coloured purple on the map, are promoted by owners/developers and have no endorsement as sites for future development by Greater Manchester and its constituent 10 districts. Decisions on whether sites will or will not be supported will be made at a later stage and when a draft GMSF is produced in the autumn of 2016.

Call for sites – suggesting additional sites for built development

As well as the development sites that we have already identified we would like you to suggest any new additional sites for new housing, offices and industry / warehousing. If a site is already on the map then please do not submit it to us again. Sites of any size and in any location can be submitted.

We need you to draw the boundary of each site you are suggesting to us on the interactive map and then provide us with your contact details and information about the site using the online form that appears once the boundary has been plotted. The information we would like you to provide includes: the proposed use and estimated capacity of the site; the availability of the site and when it is likely to be developed; and whether the site is suitable and achievable for development. You may find the Greater Manchester Open Data Infrastructure map helpful in submitting your response.

You can watch a video showing the process for submitting a site to us, and / or download instructions.

The preference is that new sites are submitted to us through the interactive map. You can however download and return a form and location plan to us with details of each new suggested site . The form includes details of how you can send it back to us.

Privacy statement

The information you supply on this form will be used to inform the development of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

The Joint GMCA/AGMA Executive Board will publish information relating to sites submitted in response to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework - Call for Sites. This may include information submitted on this form including your personal information which may be disclosed in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and the Data Protection Act 1998. If you want the information that you provide to be treated as confidential please tell us, but be aware that we cannot guarantee confidentiality.

Contact the team

If you have any queries in relation to commenting on the development sites we have already identified and / or submitting additional development sites, you can get in touch with us by email at:

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